Are you looking for a better playing experience?  Well, you’ve found it.  At Amity Baseball, our goal is to make sure each player is better at the end of the season than he/she was at the beginning.  Our teams are coached by certified staff members (Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth certified).  We encourage kids to learn new skills and positions all without the fear of failure.  We aim to develop players, teach advanced skills and most of all let the kids play and have fun!   We strive to give both the players and parents an enjoyable experience.  Players from ages 4-22 are welcomed to join.

Program Philosophy:  We teach all players, regardless of ability.  We want motivated participants who love baseball and want to improve.  While our goal is to teach the games we play, we will not stress winning at all costs.  We want each and every player to improve, get their work in and be part of a team.  We are confident that each player will  show growth at the end of each season.  Our coaches all have proven track records and teach and stress that you can work hard and have fun at the same time.  If this is what you and your child want out of a program, then this is the one for you. 

The best players in little league don’t always grow up to be the best players in high school.  We understand that and want to help each player, whether advanced or not, to achieve their potential. 
Program Highlights:  Certified  coaches, small team rosters, in and off season workouts, competitive games, all players will play.  Our focus is on player development and having fun while competing. 
We enter our sandlot travel teams in various baseball leagues and continually practice to ensure they are well instructed and competitive. 

We have received many requests from interested players.  Call Amity Baseball as soon as possible to sign up today.  The number of spaces is limited, don’t be left out.    Workouts are already in progress.  If you are signing up with a friend and would like to be placed on the same team, please let us know.  We will do our best.

We look forward to hearing from you.  

2213 Brigham Street, Brooklyn, NY 11229
Between Avenue V & Avenue W
Amity Baseball
For Schedules and Division Rules Check your Division Page.
As stated in the Official Regulation of the Cal Ripkin Babe Ruth, our purpose as Board Members, Managers and Coaches, Assistants, Umpires, Parents and Players should always emulate:

“Amity Baseball is a program of service to the youth. It is geared to provide an
outlet of healthful activity and a training under good leadership in the
atmosphere of wholesome community participation.”

“The movement is dedicated to helping children become good and decent
citizens. It strives to inspire them with the goal and to enrich their lives toward the day when they must take their places in the world. It established the values of teamwork, sportsmanship and fair play.”
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Important Announcement
Registration is now open for our 2019 Baseball Season
Ages 4 to 21 Years old Welcome.
Registration every Wednesday from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM & Saturday 11AM to 1 PM
2213 Brigham Street, Brooklyn, Between Ave V & Ave W
Important Announcement
Please Note at least 1 parent must be present during
all games and practices in case of a emergency.
To register Online By Credit Card Please click here