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Between Avenue V & Avenue W
Amity Baseball
Major Rules 2018 Revised

All league rules are as follows and should be discussed with the home plate umpire before the game
1) There is no questioning an umpire’s call whether it be a strike, ball, safe or out call
    Any arguing brings a automatic suspension of 2 games. (BE FAIR to your opponent) especially when   you are umpiring your own game.
2) Pitching rules will be as follows:       

(1) 3 innings pitched or less= 1 days rest 
(2) 4 innings pitched or more = 3 days rest
(3) A pitcher may not re-enter a game as a pitcher once he or she has been removed.
(4) 1 pitch constitutes an inning of work
(5) Pitchers should not pitch more than 80 pitches per game Minors only (90 Pitches Major Division)
(6) The catcher will not pitch the next day’s game after he catches. Or come into pitch after he catches in the same game

3) Stealing: 
A) Minors- You can advance only when the throw back from the catcher is missed. You cannot go home on this steal. You can go only when the runner is batted home (FULLSWING). (You can steal off the catcher one time during the game).
B) Majors- There is no stealing except when ball gets away from the catcher. There is no stealing of home except when Ball gets by the catcher or is batted home. You cannot squeeze a runner home either 

4) Leads:    
A)  Minors- No leads
B)  Majors- Leads are now permitted up to the white line. 
The pitcher can pick the runner off of first. Balks will not be called. The runner can advance on a pickoff at his own risk.
C) Tagging up will be allowed in the Major Division only

5) There is no Infield fly in the Minor Division. Infield fly will be called in the Major Division

6) Bunting: Minor div: You can bunt to advance a runner to third or second and bunt for a         base hit but you cannot bunt to score a run.
Major div: You can bunt in any situation but the runner on third cannot be squeezed home with a bunt.

7) Mercy Rule is in effect when 6 runs are scored in any of the first 5 innings. If no mercy has been called then the last inning all the runs count.

8) Hit batter rule two in and inning or three in a game the pitcher must be replaced.

9) Avoid contact rule: The runner from any base must avoid contact with the fielder covering the base he/she is going to. The runner must either give himself up or slide.

10) If the manager or coach crosses the white line at anytime even to talk to an outfielder during the game that will constitute a visit to the mound. Visits permitted is two in an inning, three in a game.

11) No manager or coach may in any way push shove or curse at a player on any team. The penalty is suspension from the league for the year.

12) All players must be in full uniform. This includes Amity Hat, shirt and league pants. Shirts must be tucked into pants.

13) Rubber cleats and supporters are mandatory in all divisions.

14) All teams make the playoffs.

15) Playoff bracketing is by Babe Ruth Org. and will be followed as prescribed by the bracket. All pitching rules will be followed by what is set by the organization at the first playoff  meeting and all rules are final.

16) There are no protests. during a game since no game counts.

17) No player may sit out more than one inning.

18) The managers must inform their division heads of injuries that take place. At all times.

19) All coaches must be in there dugout except for the manager when not on offense. No coach may be outside the dugout all equipment must be on the racks or in the dugouts No bats but league bats should be on the field. All non league bats must be used by all players (BOTHTEAMS).